Marriage of Shri Yogeeswarar with Srimathi Yagnammal

For the rest of my posts in this blog, i will be referring Yogeeswara RamaKrishnan with name as Yogeeswarar. Yogeeswarar, his father, his grandfather married in maternal uncle family for the 3 generations who were residing in Vellanguli village near Kallidaikurichi. Maternal uncle family belongs to Koundinya Gothram. In the previous post, I mentioned that Yogeeswarar belonged to Devaraatha Gothram. Yogeeswarar grew up with Ishwara devotion and also properly performed all the daily anushtana’s as prescribed in scriptures. At the age of 25, he got married with maternal uncle daughter named Shrimathi Yagnammal. After his marriage, his maternal uncle family moved from Vellanguli village to Alwarkurichi village. Yogeeswarar was living in Athalikulam village along with his two brother in laws at his home. Yogeeswarar was from wealthy family and hence he was taking care of family wealth along with his brother in law after his marriage. At the age of 32 i.e. 1827 (Kollam  year 1002), baby boy was born for Yogeeswarar and Yagnammal. The boy was named as VenkataSubramanyam.

Stay tuned for what happened after the birth of VenkataSubramanyam in my next post.

!!! Donation Appeal !!!

Please read here about recent developments in happening in Alwai Temple. We request devotees to provide their contribution to perform Kumbabhishekam.




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