How did yogeeswarar attained Jeevan Muktha?

At this point, the author who wrote the life history of Yogeeswarar gives us a brief note on how Yogeeswarar attained Jeevan Muktha state after he left Alwarkurichi at the age of 32. He has mentioned this to his son Venkata Subramanyam, when Venkata Subramanyam met Yogeeswarar at later part of his years. How Venkata Subramyam met Yogeeswarar will be covered later on?

In short, Yogeeswarar became siddha purusha  with the help of kalpa (rejunevation). After that, he has followed strict yogic practices that eventually led him to Jeevan Muktha (immortal state without body aging).

When Yogeeswarar left Vellanguli village after he went to his brother-in-law’s house, he went straight to Sorimuthaiyan Kovil (temple) near baanatheertham in the papanasam hills of Tirunelveli. He was spending his days without any involvement in worldly affairs, but unable to find the right way to make spiritual progress to attain higher consciousness. He eventually got frustrated and tried to give up his life by committing suicide in the baanatheertham falls near upper dam. When he was about to jump from the falls, a great mahaan appeared infront of him. His name was Krishna Yogi. He consoled Yogeeswarar amd then took him deep inside the forest and directly took him to Sage Agastya. Then Sage Agastya gave instructions for how to make different kayakalpa (body rejunevation that frees the vital energy by purifying and nurturing the body) and instructions for becoming siddha purusha. Step by step he made progress using kayakalpa and yogic postures, Yogeeswarar attained Atma Gnana (realization of higher truth and understanding the true essesnce of Advaita ) and completely merged his consciousness with higher consciousness.


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