Venkata Subbaiyer enquiry about his father

Yogeeswarar revealed how he attained Jeevan Muktha to Narasimha Iyer (we will see about him in future posts). Also, Yogeeswarar revealed himself either in physical presence in complete silence to the Sankara Mahadevan who wrote this biograhy in Tamil in August 1967 or when yogeeswarar talked to Sankara Mahadevan, he was not seen infront his eyes. Sankara Mahadevan’s was great grandson of Yogeeswarar and he had a sarma name same as his grand father i.e. Venkata Subramanyam. He hand drew the picture of Yogeeswarar based on the vision he got infront of him and you would have seen them in my first post in this blog.

Now let us go back to what happened after Venkata Subbaiyer came back from Sringeri. Venkata Subbaiyer became a very famous astrologer due to his mastery over jyotisha (astrology) shastra. Chief and other dignitaries from neighboring village Ambur came and met Venkata Subbaiyer and asked him to take over the position of head astrologer for the people of Ambur. Venkata Subbaiyer fame was spreading across all sides and there was no one in any near by town and village who had command an astrology as that of Venkata Subbaiyer. Venkata Subbaiyer had mastery over Mandrikam (black magic) and he was well regarded by people for that. He also had command over Gowli shastra (predictions based on sound made by Lizard)

One day, Venkata subbaiyer had a debate with another astrologer from Kallidaikurichi on a matter related to Jatakam/Kundali (astrology chart based on the birth time of a person) in Ambur and Venkata subbaiyer won the debate. Kallidaikurichi astrologer who lost the debate was a learned man on Tarka and Vyakarana shastras.  Kallidaikurichi astrologer told Venkata subbaiyer that he cannot accept his defeat happily even though Venkata subbaiyer won the debate. When further enquired, Kallidaikurichi astrologer told Venkata subbaiyer that Venkata subbiayer doesnt whereabouts of his father and what happened to him. Venkata subbaiyer got shell shocked after hearing these words and he immediately prostrated to Kallidaikurichi astrologer and told that his father-in-law died without telling what happened to Yogeeswarar and what he should do for that. Venkata subbaiyer further asked Kallidaikurichi astrologer to advice him on what he should do and he will carry over them as per his instructions.

If a person’s fathers whereabouts is not known for more than 35 years, the son should perform Thila homam and shrardham (offering to died one as per vedic procedures) in punya theerham (water flowing in holy place) like Papanasam on the eve of Aadi amavasya (no moon day in the Tamil month Aadi). Venkata subbaiyer at once agreed to make arrangements to perform them on Aadi amavasya day. Venkata subbaiyer started making preparations to perform Thila homam and Shrardham in Papanasam, Tirunelveli. The day before Aadi amavaysa has arrived and Venkata subbaiyer was making preparations to goto Papanasam, Tirunelvei the very day.

What happened next? Please wait for my future post..

Picture of Yogeeswarar pancha loka vigraham present in my dad’s place is provided below.