Yogeeswarar and cowherd

The day before Aadi Amavasya, a cowherd was gracing his cattle in the foot hills of Kozhundhumaamalai  near Cheranmahadevi. This cowherd was a servant in the yogeeswarar’s house in Adhaalikulam during early days of Yogeeswarar. After Yogeeswarar left Adhaalikulam giving up all his properties and belongings, his relatives too over his belongings and split those among themselves. The cowherd didnt find any job in Adhaalikulam after that and hence he moved to Cheranmahadevi where his daughter house was present. He was assisting them by gracing the cattle in the Kozhundhumaamalai. He noticed a person sitting on a big rock under a big tree with long beard and moustach. When he approached near to him, he observed that the person was facing west direction while seated and in deep meditation. The cowherd was very old at that time and he approached the person meditating under the tree and looked at him very keenly. He quickly realized that the person meditating was none other than Ramakrishna yogeeswarar and became very happy. His joy found no bounds immediately after that. He prostrated to Yogeeswarar and stood before him with great servitude.

After a while, yogeeswarar opened his eyes and looked at the cowherd. Cowherd became very happy and immediately started telling about the properties and belongings that yogeeswarar had and how they were taken by his relatives. Yogeeswarar replied to cowherd that he didnt come there to hear these details and told him that, his son is preparing to perform shrardham for him tomorrow in Papanasam. He asked the cowherd to depart immediately and inform his son that he is very much alive and his son shouldn’t perform shrardham. Cowherd immediately acknowledged yogeeswarar’s words and immediately ran towards Alwarkurichi to inform Venkata subbaiyer. He reached Venkata subbaiyer’s house and informed all the details.

After hearing cowherd’s words, Venkata subbaiyer and all his relatives were awestruck. They asked cowherd, whether he can show him the location where he met Yogeeswarar. Cowherd agreed immediately to take them to the place where he met Yogeeswarar. Venkata subbaiyer started immediately cowherd and along with his mother-in-law and few relatives. They reached Cheranmahadevi that evening. It was dark by the time they reached Cheranmahadevi and hence they decided to go the very next day morning to Kozhundhumaamalai. The next day morning came and they all started along with Cowherd and went to Kozhnudhumaamalai.

What happened next? Let us see that in my next post.

Google map location of Kozhudhumaamalai is shown below. There is a beautiful murugan temple located here. Priest lives in cheranmahadevi and we have to inform him to have darshan in the temple.


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