Yogeeswarar blessings to the family

(KozhundhuMaMalai Temple Photo courtesy from https://siththanarul.blogspot.in/2014/11/04112014-1.html)

The next day, cowherd took them to the big tree under which he met Yogeeswarar on previous day. But he wasn’t there to be seen. Cowherd was very much disappointed as he couldn’t see Yogeeswarar there. He suddenly thought of another tree similar to this one in another place. He told everyone that he will there go and take a look and come back. Venkata Subbaiyer told that he will also accompany Cowherd with him and he went along with him. When they went to the other side that had similar place, they both saw Yogeeswarar doing penance under the big tree. They both prostrated to Yogeeswarar and stood before him with great devotion. After sometime, Yogeeswarar opened his eyes and looked at his son with divine love. He enquired about  his well being and then provided vibhoothi to his son and to cowherd as his blessings. Venkata subbaiyer asked Yogeeswarar to come back to home. For which Yogeeswarar replied, “there are no bondings applicable for a person who renounced everything and I am now one with Eswara himself and hence I cannot accompany with you to your home. Also, I attained Immortality and hence there is no need to perform Shrardham (rituals performed for dead people) anytime in future by your family lineage“.  Yogeeswarar told his son to bring all the relatives who accompanied with his son but not his mother-in-law to receive his blessings. Further, Yogeeswarar told that he is not giving darshan to mother-in-law at this moment as  she brought up Venkata Subbaiyer like his own son and if she comes and visits Yogeeswara, his Tapas shakthi will go down.  So, he will give darshan to her in another occasion by visiting her. Every body came to the other side of the hill where Yogeeswara was seated and got his Vibhoothi prasadam and blessings.

Yogeeswarar then told his son that he can see him anytime in Podhihai hills where he is living and disappeared after that. After that, Venkata Subbaiyer frequently visited Yogeeswara in Podhihai hills. When he visited once in Yogeeswara, he requested Yogeeswara to visit the Siva Temple in Alwarkurichi that his in-laws forefathers has constructed. (This is the same temple that you see in the Alwai Temple section in this blogsite).Yogeeswarar agreed to come and visit the temple and specified a date on which he will visit the temple.

What happened next? Wait until my next post…