Witnessing Alchemy

Once when Venkata Subba Iyer visited the cave in Podhigai hills, he was looking at a medicine that was kept inside the box. Yogeeswarar called his son and asked him to bring an iron piece that was near by him. Yogeeswarar sprinkled the medicine powder that Venkata Subba Iyer picked from the box on the iron piece. The iron piece immediately turned to gold. On seeing this, Venkata Subba Iyer thought in his mind that, his financial difficulties will go away, if he learn this technique from his father. Yogeeswarar at once told to his son, “You should never come back to this place. Go to your home immediately”. Venkata Subba Iyer realizing his mistake prostrated to Yogeeswarar and begged for forgiveness. For that Yogeeswarar said, even though I can forgive you, i am not going to let you come to this place again. Instead, Yogeeswara will come in direct or indirect form to help his son when he is in trouble. From then, Venkata Subba Iyer never visited the cave where Yogeeswara was staying in Podhigai hills.

After some time, Venkata Subba Iyer went to Aththi Thirtham on a Sunday in Tamil month Avani. He went along with his Mudaliar friend to that place.They took bath in the Theertham around afternoon time and then came close to a big rock near theertham. Yogeeswarar appeared before them in full physical form and asked them to wait at the same place to have food which will come shortly. After that Yogeeswarar disappeared and food was ready in 2 banana leaf near by that place. They were thrilled seeing that and had the food. The food was having divine taste and they never had such a delicious food before or after in their life time. Venkata Subba Iyer has told this story to his son RamaKrishna Iyer. Rama Krishna Iyer inturn told this story to Venkata Subba Iyer who wrote this biography. Also, Mudaliar friend has shared this story to his wife which was then shared to his son Sachchidananda Mudaliar. Venkata Subba Iyer had the opportunity to listen to this story many times when Sachchidananda Mudaliar shared this story to RamaKrishna Iyer.


Blessings to beget childrens

Thereafter Venkata Subba Iyer went to podhigai hills many times to visit Ramakrishna Yogeeswarar. He will stay with his father along with his father’s disciples for few days every time he visited there. If his father is not present while he visited, he stays in the place for few days along with his father’s disciples awaiting his arrival and comes back after he meets Yogeeswara. While talking to his disciples, he got to know that Yogeeswara gives them strict instructions on what should be accomplished by the time he visits back to his cave in Podhigai hills. All this disciples will accomplish those and will wait for his arrival. The disciples usually never know when Yogeeswara will come back and where he goes. Few years went by and Venkata Subba Iyer was visiting his father every now and then. Venkata Subba Iyer turned 45 and he was not blessed with children until then. Venkata Subba Iyer was famous as an astrologer and provides remedies to many people who visit him with their problems. But he was sad that, he himself was not blessed with children until then. He prostrated before Yogeeswara and prayed towards him to beget children when he visited Ramakrishna Yogeeswara. On hearing his prayers, Yogeeswarar asked him to stop practicing Gowli Shastra Jyotish (Astrology based on the sound that home lizard makes) and blessed him to beget children. Venkata Subba Iyer was very happy listening to Yogeeswara’s kind words and he shared the delightful news with everyone at his home.

On the same year, Venkata Subba Iyer was blessed with a girl child. After that, he was blessed with 3 boy child and again with one more girl child. For Venkata Subba Iyer and Gowri Parvathi couple, following children were born in the following order

  1. Yagnammal
  2. Ramakrishna Iyer
  3. Sundara Iyer
  4. Kulathu
  5. Kamakshi

Kulathu died before he reached 5 years among these 5 children.


Yogeeswarar’s darshan in Alwai Temple

The auspicious day on which Yogeeswarar said that he will give darshan in Alwai temple has finally arrived. Everyone on that day woke up early and finished their daily rituals and getting ready to come to the Alwai Temple. The priest who performs the pooja in the Sivan temple came in the morning and opened the door of the temple on that auspicious day. He saw a person was sitting in the padmasana position doing meditation and sitting on the direction facing Kasi Visalakshi Ambal temple. He immediately informed the temple authorities. Hearing this news everyone came to the temple to take blessings from Yogeeswarar and with them they brought offerings to him.



This is the place Yogeeswarar was sitting inside the temple when the temple door was opened


(Kasi Visalakshi Ambal and Kasi Viswanathar in Alwai Temple)

After people came to temple for his darshan, Yogeeswarar opened his eyes and gave Vibhooti prasadam to every one. He sat in the same posture until the next day evening without moving from that place. In the mean time, people offered lots of milk and it was poured in a very big utensil (Kopparai in tamil) as offering to him.People prayed to him to partake some milk from the offerings. Yogeeswarar accepted their prayers and said in tamil “சங்கரா சாப்பிடு” (Sankara, drink the milk). The moment he said that, all the milk vanished from the utensil. Everyone prayed to him to stay in the same place and continue to bless them always. Yogeeswarar withspoke and told he has to leave (“சங்கரன் போகவேண்டும்” in tamil) and disappeared immediately. Everyone was flabbergasted and they were talking among themselves about the miracle that they saw.

Yogeeswarar gave heavenly blessings (அருள்வாக்கு)  to everyone whilst he was there. Yogeeswarar’s co-brother (sister inlaw’s husband) prostrated to Yogeeswarar and prayed to him to forgive his mistakes. Yogeeswarar provided prasadam to him and said everyone has to go through their karmic debts that comes in their life because of their actions.  Needless to say that Yogeeswarar’s co-brother went through sufferings during his last stage of the life.

The day after Yogeeswarar disappeared from the temple, one person mentioned himself as his disciple and came to Venkata Subbaiyer house. He gave a small wooden box that contained palm leaves (ஓலைச்சுவடி) to Venkata Subbaiyer. The author (great grandson of Yogeeswarar) who wrote this autobiography has personally heard this experience from Neelakandaiyar who was very young boy them and lived in the West Mada street in Alwarkurichi.

Let us see what happened next after a short break…