Blessings to beget childrens

Thereafter Venkata Subba Iyer went to podhigai hills many times to visit Ramakrishna Yogeeswarar. He will stay with his father along with his father’s disciples for few days every time he visited there. If his father is not present while he visited, he stays in the place for few days along with his father’s disciples awaiting his arrival and comes back after he meets Yogeeswara. While talking to his disciples, he got to know that Yogeeswara gives them strict instructions on what should be accomplished by the time he visits back to his cave in Podhigai hills. All this disciples will accomplish those and will wait for his arrival. The disciples usually never know when Yogeeswara will come back and where he goes. Few years went by and Venkata Subba Iyer was visiting his father every now and then. Venkata Subba Iyer turned 45 and he was not blessed with children until then. Venkata Subba Iyer was famous as an astrologer and provides remedies to many people who visit him with their problems. But he was sad that, he himself was not blessed with children until then. He prostrated before Yogeeswara and prayed towards him to beget children when he visited Ramakrishna Yogeeswara. On hearing his prayers, Yogeeswarar asked him to stop practicing Gowli Shastra Jyotish (Astrology based on the sound that home lizard makes) and blessed him to beget children. Venkata Subba Iyer was very happy listening to Yogeeswara’s kind words and he shared the delightful news with everyone at his home.

On the same year, Venkata Subba Iyer was blessed with a girl child. After that, he was blessed with 3 boy child and again with one more girl child. For Venkata Subba Iyer and Gowri Parvathi couple, following children were born in the following order

  1. Yagnammal
  2. Ramakrishna Iyer
  3. Sundara Iyer
  4. Kulathu
  5. Kamakshi

Kulathu died before he reached 5 years among these 5 children.



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