Witnessing Alchemy

Once when Venkata Subba Iyer visited the cave in Podhigai hills, he was looking at a medicine that was kept inside the box. Yogeeswarar called his son and asked him to bring an iron piece that was near by him. Yogeeswarar sprinkled the medicine powder that Venkata Subba Iyer picked from the box on the iron piece. The iron piece immediately turned to gold. On seeing this, Venkata Subba Iyer thought in his mind that, his financial difficulties will go away, if he learn this technique from his father. Yogeeswarar at once told to his son, “You should never come back to this place. Go to your home immediately”. Venkata Subba Iyer realizing his mistake prostrated to Yogeeswarar and begged for forgiveness. For that Yogeeswarar said, even though I can forgive you, i am not going to let you come to this place again. Instead, Yogeeswara will come in direct or indirect form to help his son when he is in trouble. From then, Venkata Subba Iyer never visited the cave where Yogeeswara was staying in Podhigai hills.

After some time, Venkata Subba Iyer went to Aththi Thirtham on a Sunday in Tamil month Avani. He went along with his Mudaliar friend to that place.They took bath in the Theertham around afternoon time and then came close to a big rock near theertham. Yogeeswarar appeared before them in full physical form and asked them to wait at the same place to have food which will come shortly. After that Yogeeswarar disappeared and food was ready in 2 banana leaf near by that place. They were thrilled seeing that and had the food. The food was having divine taste and they never had such a delicious food before or after in their life time. Venkata Subba Iyer has told this story to his son RamaKrishna Iyer. Rama Krishna Iyer inturn told this story to Venkata Subba Iyer who wrote this biography. Also, Mudaliar friend has shared this story to his wife which was then shared to his son Sachchidananda Mudaliar. Venkata Subba Iyer had the opportunity to listen to this story many times when Sachchidananda Mudaliar shared this story to RamaKrishna Iyer.


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