Alwai Temple

More than 200 years ago (17th century), my forefathers have constructed a small Shiva Temple on the bank of Gadananathi River in Alwarkurichi panchayat town, Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu. My forefathers have traveled to Kasi Kshetram on those days and brought a Kailasa Viswanathar Sivalinga and constructed a temple with Ganesha, Visalakshi Ambal and Kailsa Viswanathar. Now this temple has been further developed and we have done two kumbabhishekam since then (1992 and 2009) with addition of following deities.

  • Saptha Rishi’s in shiva linga form
  • Lopamudra with Sage Agastya stone vigraha and Panchaloka Vigraha
  • Yagnammal with Sage RamaKrishna Yogeeswara stone vigraha and Panchaloka Vigraha



Recently, we have added following deities and the kumbabhishekam was performed on 10th July 2016.

  • Sudhai statues of Lord Sundareswarar, Goddess Meenakshi, Ganapathi, Murugan – as a family in the East facing Mantapam
  • Saptha Rishis, Agasthya Rishi, Yogeewara RamaKrishna, Gnananandar, in various sitting/standing postures in North facing Mantapam
  • 18 Siddha Purushas (Siddhars) will be installed around the peepal tree (opp to the temple) in the form of 18 Lingas

Kumbabhishekam photos can be seen here 

We incurrred expenses around 7.5 lakhs towards kumbabhishekam function. Devotees support to run and maintain this temple is greatly appreciated. Donations are welcome and the details for donation remittance is provided in the section below.

Remittance can be made from any Bank of Baroda Branch or through NEFT to the ‘Alwarkurichi Temple Fund’   – SB Account No: 05310100009345, maintained with Palayamkottai Branch of Tirunelveli District of Tamilnadu.

  • IFSC: BARB 0 PALTIR  (barb zero pal tir).
  • Remittance details may be sent through SMS to the following mobile numbers of the Temple Executive Committee Members for proper accounting.


  1. Dr. Bangaru Giri,    (+91 9442209639)                              
  2. Y. Pattabiraman,     (+91 9443614023)                                          
  3. N. Gurunathan        (+91 9488813695)


Contact Address for sending cheques, if any.

Dr Bangaru Giri, 5/511 KAMARAJ Nagar, Near SP Camp office, Melur road, Sivagangai 630561  Tamilnadu, India

Furnished below are some of the photographs taken while construction was going on before kumbabhishekam..