Return of Yogeeswarar after 12 years

Yogeeswarar went on pilgrimage after he left Alwarkurichi for a period of 12 years and returned to Vellanguli village, Tirunelveli. He directly went to his brother in law’s (siva subramanyam) wife house who is a widower in the afernoon time. The front door was closed when he went there and he knocked the door. Women in the house thought that some one who is a begger might be knocking the door and didnt answer the door knock. Yogeeswarar then called the people at home by name and people in the house bounded by fate thought it was the begger again and scolded the person who is calling them by name without opening the door. Hearing that, Yogeeswarar left the kaavadi and Gangasthali that he had with him at the door step of the house and started walking towards to west direction. Little later the women in the house realized that the voice belongs to some one whom she knows and then at once came running towards the front door and opened it to see who it was. She realized the person who is walking away with beard and mustache is Yogeeswarar and asked her son to go and fetch him to house. Her son, ran towards Yogeeswarar and asked to come back to home. But yogeeswarar asked him to take care of the house and started walking away. When the soon looked back, he suddenly saw the house was engulfing with fire and he ran back to put off the fire. While everybody was busy putting off the fire, they didnt pay attention to where yogeeswarar left. But, they communicated the news about Yogeeswara to relatives in Alwarkurichi.

As time progressed, Yogeeswarar’s son venkata subbaiyer has reached 18 years and was brought up by his uncle with great love and affection. He was married to Gowri parvathi as per the previous arrangements and was living in his father-in-law’s house. One day, his father-in-law asked him to take care of accounting crops that were grown in the field. When his father-in-law went to the field, he didnt fine his son-in-law and also heard that he didnt fulfill the task given to him. Father-in-law scolded Venkata Subbaiyer for his carelessness after he came to home. Hearing that, Venkata Subbaiyer left the home without telling anyone. He went straight to sringeri and joined the sringeri paata shala. There he acquired education along with jyotisha shastra and maandrika shastra. He returned after 5 years to Alwarkurichi after he completed his education and his father-in-law was very happy about the development made by Venkata Subbaiyer. His father-in-law built a separate house for him in the neighboring open land and helped Venkata subbaiyer to start the family with Gowri parvathi on that house.

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Renunciation from worldly life…

!!! Sri Gurubyo namaha !!!

When VenkataSubramanyam was 6 months old, Yogeeswarar and his wife went to ALWARKURICHI to console the family for the death of SivaSubramanian who is the brother in law for Yogeeswarar. After the rituals were completed, Yogeeswarar planned to return to Athalikulam with his wife. Shrimathi Yagnammal suddenly fell ill due to Chickenpox. So, Yogeeswarar left alone to Athalikulam village. After few days, Shrimathi Yagnammal reached the holy feet of god due to Chickenpox. Yogeeswarar was informed about this incident. He came back to ALWARKURICHI immediately to perform the rites and rituals. After the rituals were completed, Yogeeswarar left the place without informing anyone. As per Hindu tradition and customs, when a person leaves the home after he came to partake in the death related rites and rituals, they will not inform the family members when they leave. So, the family members in the ALWARKURICHI thought that Yogeeswarar has gone to Athalikulam.  In Adhalikulam, family members were under impression that Yogeeswarar is in ALWARKURICHI. Like that a year has gone by and the relatives again got together to perform the yearly rites and rituals after the death of Shrimathi Yagnammal. That is when, family members realized that Yogeeswarar has gone to some place without informing anyone. Those days, we didn’t have the technology and infrastructure like we have now-a-days to find a missing person. Family members were then living with difficult thoughts as Yogeeswarar has gone to some place and they were worried about his well being.

In ALWARKURICHI, Yogeeswarar’s another brother-in-law called as Sundareswarar then took care of upbringing of Yogeeswarar’s son. Sundareswarar brought him up as his own son as he didn’t have any kids at that time. When VenkataSubramanyam was 12 years old, Sundareswarar was blessed with baby girl. Since Yogeeswarar’s family was having marriage alliance with maternal uncle family in the past 3 generations, continuing the same tradition, Sundareswarar made a Sankalpam to marry his daughter with VenkataSubramanyam after she grew up. She was named as Gowri Parvathi. When Gowri Parvathi was 8 years, Sundareswarar performed the marriage of Gowri Parvathi with VenkataSubramanyan. In the due course Sundareswarar was blessed with 2 more childrens and they were name as Pattabirmaiyer and Sita Lakshmi.

In Athalikulam, since Yogeeswarar didn’t return for few years, his relatives split and shared the Yogeeswarar’s wealth among themselves.

Stay tuned for what happened after 12 years since Yogeeswarar has left ALWARKURICHI following the death of Shrimathi Yagnammal in my next post.

Marriage of Shri Yogeeswarar with Srimathi Yagnammal

For the rest of my posts in this blog, i will be referring Yogeeswara RamaKrishnan with name as Yogeeswarar. Yogeeswarar, his father, his grandfather married in maternal uncle family for the 3 generations who were residing in Vellanguli village near Kallidaikurichi. Maternal uncle family belongs to Koundinya Gothram. In the previous post, I mentioned that Yogeeswarar belonged to Devaraatha Gothram. Yogeeswarar grew up with Ishwara devotion and also properly performed all the daily anushtana’s as prescribed in scriptures. At the age of 25, he got married with maternal uncle daughter named Shrimathi Yagnammal. After his marriage, his maternal uncle family moved from Vellanguli village to Alwarkurichi village. Yogeeswarar was living in Athalikulam village along with his two brother in laws at his home. Yogeeswarar was from wealthy family and hence he was taking care of family wealth along with his brother in law after his marriage. At the age of 32 i.e. 1827 (Kollam  year 1002), baby boy was born for Yogeeswarar and Yagnammal. The boy was named as VenkataSubramanyam.

Stay tuned for what happened after the birth of VenkataSubramanyam in my next post.

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Shri Ganesaya namaha

Shri Yogeeswara RamaKrishna Gurubyo namaha

With the prayers to the holy feet of Lord Ganesha and Shri Yogeeswara RamaKrishna, I am posting the birth details of greatest mahaan, Jeevan Muktha and Siddha Purusha Shri Yogeeswara RamaKrishna in this post.

.In the year 1795, on a very auspicious day in the Tamil month margazhi, Shri Yogeeswara RamaKrishna was born on Arudra star (Thirvadhirai) which is celebrated as Arudra Darishanam day in southern states.. He was born in Athalikulam village that belongs to Velur panchayath. Athalikulam village is situated 4.3 kms from Srivaikuntam Railway station in Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu. Shri Yogeeswarar was born in a pious and very rich Telugu brahmin family that belongs to Devaraatha Gothra and he was given the sharma name as RamaKrishnan. His father name was VenkataSubramaniam.

Hand drawn picture of Shri Yogeeswara RamaKrishna as appeared in the vision of his great grandson Late Shri Venkatasubramaniam is given below.

Yogeeswara RamaKrishna

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